We know our volunteers have many responsibilities while serving at the cash register hub.

Top of the list is to give our customers a warm greeting and a sincere thank you for their business.  As a cashier, you are in a position to make a strong impression on our customers..let’s strive to consistently make that great impression!

We occasionally have customers who are having a bad day, or who are making requests that we might feel are not necessary or warranted.  Their children may be acting up, or they are stumbling to find a way to pay for their purchase.  The line behind them may be long, and we might be tired, but let’s try to still treat them with dignity, respect, and caring.  Our tone and approach may be interpreted by an upset person in a different way than we believe it was delivered.

We have received calls and emails from customers complaining that they have been treated poorly while shopping with us.  While each situation has its unique characteristics, some of the broad themes we hear include:

  • -The team member spoke down to me
  • -The team member criticized me for the way my children were behaving
  • -I was made to feel bad due to the small amount I put on my credit card (or for offering large denomination currency)
  • -Team members were talking negatively about other people.

Of course there are two sides to every story, and we are only hearing what the irritated customer is telling us, but how can we try to keep our customers from becoming agitated?

  • -Be kind to everyone.  Let’s be sure to speak calmly, and in a friendly and welcoming way to everyone, even if they are projecting a poor attitude.
  • -If children are causing a danger to themselves or others, quietly bring it to the attention of the manager or staff in charge, allowing them to address it.
  • -Care & Share accepts cash and credit as payment.  $100 bills and also credit sales of less than a dollar!
  • -Private conversations should be kept out of the retail space, especially ones that involve someone who is not present.  Our interactions should be friendly, positive, and kept to a professional length.

Other policies to recall include staff and volunteers must be checked out by a staff person.  We kindly request that volunteers do NOT check out other volunteers or staff, regardless of whether or not a discount is involved.  Consistency of application of this policy is requested. 

Volunteers who receive a business card from a customer with the 50% off coupon on back may ring up that customer.  Please be sure the employee named on the card is still an employee.  This 50% discount is capped at $25, which the register will automatically recognize.  Please clearly cross off the discount side of the card with a marker and indicate the date used on the card.  The business card can be returned to the customer if they want it; otherwise, put it in the cash drawer.

Birthday discounts are honored on the customer’s actual birthday ONLY.  The customer must be present, along with appropriate evidence of the birthday (drivers license, birth certificate).  If we are closed on the birthday, the discount is honored only on the next business day we are open.  For example, if the birthday falls on a Sunday, we honor it the next day, on Monday.  Unfortunately, we cannot honor it on Saturday or any other day, even if the customer says they can’t make it on the program’s terms.

We want your volunteer experience to be satisfying.  Any time you have a question, or if a customer is upset, please call a staff person over to assist.  Our staff can help to address the customer’s concerns.  We thank you for your faithful service and value the time you give us at Care & Share!  We want you to feel properly supported and recognized.  Do not hesitate to reach out to the department manager or the administration with any questions.


As you know, our shoppe and department managers work hard to keep Care & Share a well-oiled operation!  The administration and our Board recognize the dedication and work that our managers put in day-in and day-out at Care & Share.

To this end, annually we provide incentives for our managers to earn bonus pay.  The incentives are goals that are set, on an individual basis, for each manager.  For 2023, each manager received an incentive program that provided them with opportunities for bonus dollars if certain revenue marks were achieved in their department and for volunteer engagement, as measured through volunteer hours.  The opportunities provided them the incentive pay for achieving revenue targets, volunteer engagement service hours, or both.

We had four managers in 2023 who achieved their incentive targets in either the revenue or volunteer engagement categories.

Congratulations to Jeremy Story, Book Shoppe Manager; Betsy Heavener, Specialties Manager; Evan Schlessman, Outlet Manager; and Jerry Zimmerman, Variety Manager (for his work in his former position as Furniture Manager).  We appreciate their efforts and success in 2023, and all our department managers for what they bring to the job every day!  Join us in congratulating them on their 2023 success.

A simple and inexpensive way to advertise is to make sure each customer leaves with a bag stuffer. There is no need to ask the customer, just include it with the purchase. You could slide it into the book or bag, or even attach it to a piece of furniture. Each week the bag stuffer will change to match what color tag is on sale. 

Our latest bag stuffer is featuring a promotion to review our Shoppes on Google. We benefit greatly from Google reviews! They increase our online visibility and exposure, they increase our brand "trust" and improve our customer service experience!  CLICK HERE to leave a Google Review!

But sometimes we take a misstep. We are asking those situations be This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Each month, all reviews will be entered into a drawing for a $50 gift card to a Souderton Restaurant. Volunteers are welcome to participate. Thanks for making sure every purchase leaves with a bag stuffer!

The first modern iterations of the purse were invented in 1841 by an entrepreneur known as Samuel Parkinson, but the history of these handy bags dates back to ancient Greece. Bags known as “Byrsa” were made using leather, papyrus, and linen - primarily to store coins. “Byrsa” is the origin of the English word “Purse”. The emergence of money further inspired the creation of the modern-day bag, as a means to safely transport currency and other important small items. In the past few decades, the demand for high-end, designer handbags has exploded, along with the price of these goods in leading retailers and department stores.

The Care & Share Auction frequently offers handbags and purses both vintage and modern.  We have beautiful, gently used designer handbags for your consideration.  We have several active auctions going on right now … Get your hands on a “Byrsa” from the Care & Share Auction today!

Did you know that approximately 1.3 BILLION single-use plastic bottles are used each day worldwide?  Plastics do not break down quickly, and unfortunately, the world’s recycling practices do not capture all the single-use plastic products thrown away each day.

Part of our mission at Care & Share is to keep things out of landfills.  We use a trash service that does not use landfills.  We try to promote the use of silverware and coffee mugs in the team breakrooms.  Unsaleable clothing is sent to the Material Resource Center for baling and is sold to third parties.

At the end of January, we invested in another move to greater sustainability.  We had three water coolers installed that also provide cold water to fill your water bottles!  Previously, we have used bottled water and single-use cups.  This service provided cool water but produced a lot of waste once the person took their drink.  The cost of bottled water service has also surged in the past few years.

These new units, which you will find in the south break room, the north team member entrance, and outside the team members’ restrooms in Furniture, operate from the municipal water supply.  However, they filter and chill the water so that it is refreshing and does not have the taste that many of us recognize from municipal systems.  While these machines represented a significant upfront investment, we have calculated that they will pay for themselves in 18 months through the elimination of the bottled water service.

How can you use them?  You can drink from them like a water fountain, or you can hold your water bottle or mug underneath the dispenser and a sensor will fill your bottle.  No contact is necessary!

While we will continue to offer single paper cups for water, we encourage those who are users of water bottles to bring yours along when you come to volunteer.  Our Variety Shoppe always offers a wide array of inexpensive water bottles if you’re looking to obtain your first bottle or add to your collection.  For those who are looking for premium water bottles, the Auction App and our eBay shoppe have a great selection from makers like Yeti.  We would ask that you do not use the waxed coffee cups that we provide for coffee with the water machines if opting to use a cup.

Thanks for working with Care & Share as we take another step to greater sustainability!


      The Indian Valley Chamber of Commerce recently awarded us the Charles H. Allebach, Jr. Community Service Award.  This was in recognition and appreciation for providing extraordinary service and contributing to the quality of life of our communities.
      Joining us at the luncheon were five volunteers who have been serving with us for over 42 years, as well as one of our founders, Janet Vincent.  We are grateful for the ongoing support and commitment of all of our team members - volunteers and employees!
  • We recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially launch our newly relocated Welcome Center.  Located in the middle of the Souderton Shopping Center, the new location is easily accessed by potential and curent volunteers. CLICK HERE to read more!

  • Shop Care & Share 24/7 - download our Auction App! The Auction App gives customers the opportunity to determine the product price by bidding on selected merchandise.

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  • Interest in volunteering?  Reach out and let our Volunteer Manager Maggie know which 1-hour orientation you would like to attend!  We look forward to meeting you!
    Not ready to sign up for an Orientation?  Try us out at one of our monthly Volunteer Happy Hours - held on the final Tuesday of each month.
    Ready to sign up to become a volunteer? Apply now on our website!

    Care & Share Thrift Shoppes is now a Certified Autism Center™, designated by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). To earn the designation, staff have completed autism training and certification in order to better understand and work with autistic visitors and supporters.

    “At Care & Share, we are glad you are our neighbor! We want to be at our best to welcome you to shop, donate and volunteer," said Sarah Bergin, Executive Director. "After going through the certification process, our staff is now prepared with the knowledge that customers, donors, and volunteers are all differently abled. By welcoming everyone, our organization is stronger.”

    In addition to a vibrant volunteer program, Care & Share also works with over 35 organizations as volunteers fine-tune skills in areas like receiving and processing donations, customer service, and social skills. The Shoppes accommodate weekly to daily volunteer opportunities for individuals of all different abilities.

    “IBCCES is excited to announce the designation of Care & Share Thrift Shoppes to show that organizations of all types can benefit from training and certification to enhance the customer and community experience,” said Myron Pincomb, IBCCES Board Chairman.

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  • Due to the inclement weather, Shoppes and Donation Docks will open at 11 AM on Saturday, February 17, 2024

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