Care & Share’s Vision Statement is To make a difference in people’s lives in the name of Christ by becoming the thrift destination of choice.

When we ponder how to execute that vision, one of the key ingredients to becoming “the” destination of choice is to provide our customers and donors a consistent, positive experience in our shoppes and donation departments.

Time and again we are reminded of this.  We receive many compliments concerning the caring attention shoppers receive from our volunteers and staff.  Or we hear from donors who are happy that items they can no longer use are being put to new good use by others.  Sometimes we receive beautiful items from donors who lost a family member and they wish for the next owner to be a good caretaker of the furniture piece, tableware, or jewelry that belonged to their loved one.

Recently, we have also received inputs from customers and donors that do not reflect positive experiences.  Potential donors who were told we have too much of certain products already.  Customers who feel they were mistreated in our shoppes or spoken down to.  Customers who overheard inappropriate conversations among team members on the retail floor criticizing other team members.  Team members who shared with customers that our prices are high.

We all need to be thoughtful when we are serving at Care & Share.  Team members, both volunteers and staff, are asked to not talk about others, or use negative or demeaning remarks, especially when on the retail floor.   Donations are the lifeblood of our organization, a potential donor should NEVER hear or receive the idea that we have enough donations!  The truth is the donation backlog is ever-evolving, what we might have a lot of today may be in short supply next month.  

There are so many positive things that we can discuss with others.  Let’s be sure that our words and actions reflect our values to the community.  Many people find Care & Share to be a welcome part of their life’s routine, and we all can play a big part in that.

Let’s renew our dedication to the vision of making Care & Share the thrift destination of choice.

Your kind words, smile, or helping hand can make a big difference in someone’s day.  Thank you for your commitment to the work of Care & Share!



    ABC’s Action News, out of the Philadelphia market, visited Care & Share!  They filmed in several of our shoppes and stopped and shopped in each of them!  They were especially interested in our volunteer workforce, and the commitment to the mission of our organization. 

    CLICK HERE to learn more and watch the segment!

  • We recently held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially launch our newly relocated Welcome Center.  Located in the middle of the Souderton Shopping Center, the new location is easily accessed by potential and curent volunteers. CLICK HERE to read more!

  • Shop Care & Share 24/7 - download our Auction App! The Auction App gives customers the opportunity to determine the product price by bidding on selected merchandise.

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  • Interest in volunteering?  Reach out and let our Volunteer Manager Maggie know which 1-hour orientation you would like to attend!  We look forward to meeting you!
    Not ready to sign up for an Orientation?  Try us out at one of our monthly Volunteer Happy Hours - held on the final Tuesday of each month.
    Ready to sign up to become a volunteer? Apply now on our website!
  • Share your love of Care & Share with others by posting a Google Review!  Each month, we will place names of those who left a review in a hat.  We will pick one winner for a $50 local restaurant gift card! CLICK HERE to leave your review.

    If something is amiss, we ask that you reach out to us first, before posting a negative review. We want to address any issues directly with disenchanted customers. Send us an email - CLICK HERE with your name, the challenge, and your phone number so we can connect with you. 

    We have learned after 49 years in business, that the best type of advertising is "word of mouth".  Thank you for your help in promoting Care & Share. 


    Care & Share Thrift Shoppes is now a Certified Autism Center™, designated by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). To earn the designation, staff have completed autism training and certification in order to better understand and work with autistic visitors and supporters.

    “At Care & Share, we are glad you are our neighbor! We want to be at our best to welcome you to shop, donate and volunteer," said Sarah Bergin, Executive Director. "After going through the certification process, our staff is now prepared with the knowledge that customers, donors, and volunteers are all differently abled. By welcoming everyone, our organization is stronger.”

    In addition to a vibrant volunteer program, Care & Share also works with over 35 organizations as volunteers fine-tune skills in areas like receiving and processing donations, customer service, and social skills. The Shoppes accommodate weekly to daily volunteer opportunities for individuals of all different abilities.

    “IBCCES is excited to announce the designation of Care & Share Thrift Shoppes to show that organizations of all types can benefit from training and certification to enhance the customer and community experience,” said Myron Pincomb, IBCCES Board Chairman.

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  • Friday, March 29, 2024:

    Shop:  9AM - 5PM

    Donate: 10AM - 5PM

    Have a blessed Easter Season!

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