Items are offered for sealed bid auction for the calendar month. Please examine these unique, collectible or antique items carefully.

Care & Share Thrift Shoppe does not make any claim as to any item’s authenticity or value.

Each item is lettered. Bid forms are available at the cash register. Please legibly fill out the form with your name, telephone number, item description, item letter, and the amount of your bid. Incomplete or illegible forms will not be honored. Deposit your bid form into the box.

Bidding ends on the last day of the month at the time of shoppe closing. If the last day of the month falls on a Sunday, bidding will end at shoppe closing the day before (Saturday). In the event of an unexpected shoppe closing on the last day of the month due to weather or another situation out of our control, bidding will be extended to shoppe closing on the following day.

At the close of bidding the box will be opened and the high bid for each item will be determined. In the event of a tie, the winner will be drawn at random from the highest bids. For official rules follow the link below

Sealed Bid Rules

Our policies are in place to maintain a fair and ethical program. This rules apply to the Sealed Bid program in the Book Shoppe.

Thank you for your cooperation!

  • 1. You must be at least 18 years of age to place a bid.
  • 2. All bidding takes place during public shopping hours. No exceptions will be made for staff or volunteers.
  • 3. No phone bids will be accepted
  • 4. You may bid on an item as many times as you wish. You may NOT cancel a bid once it is submitted. All bids are sealed and will remain sealed for the month. It will not be possible to check on the status of an item. Please seriously consider your bid before placing it.
  • 5. At the end of the month, the highest bidder for each item will be called. Only one phone call will be made. A message will be left about the item. If the bidder does not come in to purchase the item within (5) business days from the initial phone contact, the next highest bidder will be contacted and understands that they are now the highest bidder.
  • 6. A bidder will be restricted from bidding in this program for three months if they have placed the highest bid for an item and then “change their mind,” or refuse or fail to pick up the item.
  • 7. Coupons, vouchers or team member discounts may not be applied towards the purchase of these items.
  • Any questions should be directed to management at extension 123.