The Silent Auction program gives customers the opportunity to determine the product price by bidding on selected merchandise.

Once you are registered with a bidding number in our program, we invite you to stop by often to see the large variety of items we update daily. From designer handbags to jewelry to collections to vintage items…you never know what might be up awaiting your bid!

As a bidder in the Silent Auction program, you agree to abide by the following rules. Questions should be directed to the management in our Variety Shoppe.

Silent Auction Rules

These rules are in place to maintain a fair and ethical program. As a bidder in the Silent Auction program located in the Variety Shoppe, you agree to abide by the following rules. Please consider your bidding entries seriously. There are no exceptions.

Questions should be directed to the Specialties Department at 215-723-0315 x115.

  • 1. You must be 18 years of age to register.
  • 2. Bidder number provided at sign up is for all current and future bids. If you forget your number, we will gladly look it up.
  • 3. All bidding takes place during public shopping hours only.
  • 4. Bid must be raised by the minimum amount specified at the top of each bidding page. Your bid will be disqualified if it does not meet the minimum increment bid.
  • 5. After seven (7) consecutive days of inactivity on a Silent Auction item, the highest bidder will be called once. A message will be left about the item. If the bidder does not come in to purchase the item within seven (7) days from the initial phone contact, they will receive a strike.
  • If the initial highest bidder does not purchase the item within the allotted time, the next highest bidder will be contacted and understands that they are now the highest bidder.
  • 7. No phone bids will be accepted; no phone calls to ‘check’ on the status of an item will be allowed.
  • 8. Staff and volunteers must wait one week to bid on an item unless a customer bids within that first week.
  • A bidder will be immediately removed from our Silent Auction program and all current bids disqualified for:
    • 1. Misusing bidding numbers
    • 2. Tampering with Silent Auction
    • 3. Receiving 3 strikes

3 Strike Policy

    • Not picking up your merchandise within 7 days of the initial phone call.
    • Crossing off your bid. Once it is entered in the book, should you wish to remove your bid, please contact a Specialties Staff Person or the Variety Shoppe Management.
    • Refusal of item bidder has won.

Questions should be directed to the Specialties Staff; in their absence, the Variety Shoppe Management. Volunteers are not authorized to give out information about the polices and rules.